About Crokini


Crokini was formed in the summer of 2016. Having just returned to Turkey after travelling between New York and New Delhi, Leyla went back to crocheting - a hobby she hadn’t picked up for years. While it may have started as a way to practice her skills, Leyla quickly saw the beautiful and delicate elements turn into swimwear, her expertise.

She saw a gap in the market for authentic, handmade crochet bikinis that put fashion and form at the forefront of their design. While working in India she created a unique collection of handmade crochet bikinis. Over a year Leyla developed the homegrown collection, made by hand and close to her heart.

After putting together the initial collection Leyla decided to bring the business back to Turkey, a country well known for its cotton crochet products. Leyla and her business partner Kaan developed a network of local women to crochet the sustainably made collection.

We are continuing to create beautiful, handmade unique products, stay tuned for more!

Leyla Civelekoglu

Head designer & founder 

Since childhood Leyla has wanted to be a fashion designer. After completing her schooling in India she moved to Philadelphia where she studied Fashion design. During her time in Philadelphia she discovered that her true passion was swimwear. Having grown up between India and Turkey she appreciated both the sea, and the fine craftsmanship that goes into certain traits.


While on a study abroad programme in Italy, she fell in love and decided to stay. While thinking about her final collection, she came upon the idea of crochet bikinis. Her first collection debuted, with interesting designs - mostly one pieces. After working in the fashion industry for several years she decided it was time to bring about Crokini, and this is where our story really begins.


Kaan Ekenler

Business manager 

The partner and investor behind Leyla, Kaan is well traveled and has studied in the United Kingdom. He comes from a musical background and currently has his own signing group. Leyla and Kaan are cousins, and while sitting together one day they discussed Crokini. Upon seeing the new designs and the aims for the future, Kaan decided to invest. Thus a brilliant partnership started.