Where can I buy Crokini? 

Crokini is sold through Asos Marketplace as well as through our own website. We also take orders through Instagram and Facebook.

What payment methods do you accept? 

We accept PayPal, through Asos Marketplace and our website. We accept direct deposit transfers from within Turkey. 


What is Crokinis return policy? 

Crokini accepts returns from 7-10 business days after your product has arrived. Because Crokinis are all handmade no two items are exactly the same. So if you do not like your bikini, or it doesn’t fit you somehow, then please contact us at sales@crokiniswim.com and we will be glad to exchange your bikini for you. Alternatively, we can always fix the fit and send it back to you. Within Turkey returns are free of charge, internationally we do not offer refunds.


Do you ship internationally, and how long does it take? 

Yes! We do ship internationally. It usually takes 7-10 business days to get to you.


What size should I order it? 

Please check our fit guide for more information. Each bikini is designed for a specific body time - and you can mix and match your bikini sets! All the bikinis are made to order, so we’re making it just for you!


How do I care for my Crokini? 

Caring for your Crokini is one of the most important things. Because it’s handmade with love, it needs to be treated with love. Crochet looks a lot more delicate than it is, so bear in mind it is durable when used correctly. Once worn in the sea, please take off your Crokini as soon as you can, and wash it in cold water. Make sure NEVER to machine-wash it. The lining is hand sewn and if you machine wash you run the risk if changing the shape of the bikini.

Make sure to also avoid leaving the bikini to dry directly in the hot sun. Although this an effective way of getting it to dry quicker, the colour will fade a lot faster and it will start looking old much quicker.

Why buy crochet? 

Crochet is a delicate and intricate art, so when you buy a Crokini you’re not just buying a bikini for one summer; you’re buying a piece of wearable art that will last you a lifetime. It’s intricate designs will never go out of fashion either! Crochet has been in fashion since the 60s for swimwear, and even before that for regular clothes!


Why buy handmade? 

Although it might seem daunting to buy something handmade, its actually a lot better quality than most machines made goods. If you ask your grandmother’s they will assure you that handmade is better than machine J

Crochet looks cumbersome, why should I buy it? 

Although crochet looks like it takes a lot of care, it’s almost the same as a regular bikini. Regular bikinis should also never be machine washed or dried directly in the sun. Crochet just looks and feels a lot more delicate than a regular bikini.

Can you see through the crochet? 

Every Crokini is lined with a lycra/polyester lining insuring that you don’t have an accidental nip slip!

How do I order customised Crokini's? 

You can get your personal customised bikini by emailing the head designer leyla@crokiniswim.com

We love getting customised orders, they give us a great challenge to work on and since everything is made to order, you’re pretty much going to wait the same time for your customised bikini as you would your regular one!